Welcome to the Salt Lounge, a place where breathing deep is the priority and everything else can wait!

Relax, unwind and breathe in all the benefits of our therapeutic medical grade salt that is floating in the air. Your lungs and skin will be thanking you after your first session at Salt Lounge.

That’s right… not only is salt therapy (also known as Halotherapy) amazing for cleaning & detoxing your lungs, it’s also very beneficial for the skin! Our Salt booth is designed to maximize the concentration of salt in the air so that all you need is a 10-20 minutes a session to receive all the amazing benefits halotherapy has to offer!

Salt & Sound Booth

The SALT and Sound Booth® is the first and only SALT Booth® to incorporate Halotherapy (dry salt), Sonotherapy (sound) and Chromotherapy (color). Sound can bring the mind and body into a deep meditative state and help the body to clear blockages, color can help harness the energy of light to boost the natural healing ability of our physical and emotional systems. For example, green light is said to reduce stress and nervous tension, while blue light fights depression & insomnia. Salt therapy is calming and detoxifying, supporting the respiratory, immune, nervous, and lymphatic systems. Together, sound, color, and salt can have a positive effect on bringing the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance.


Salt has been used as a healing aid for thousands of years. How many of you still gargle salt water for a sore throat or treat yourself to an epsom salt bath? Salt is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and is necessary for the body. It has been known to assist the body with proper hydration, hormone balancing, and digestion to name a few.

Salt therapy (Halotherapy) can relieve symptoms for a wide variety of ailments and conditions, such as asthma, allergies, inflammation, various skin conditions and even the common cold. The treatment begins when a machine called the halogenerator grinds up pure medical grade salt into tiny particles that are then blown into the booth. This salty air is most beneficial when inhaled deep into the lungs and lands on the skin.

These salt particles help to clear allergens, bacteria, pollutants and toxins in the lungs and nasal passageways by absorbing excess moisture from the airways, thinning out mucus and reducing inflammation in the process. Our largest organ, the skin, can also benefit from salt therapy! Smaller salt particles are absorbed beneath the skin that help pull moisture towards the top layer of the epidermis making our skin look healthier, reducing fine lines, and accelerates cell rejuvenation. While the larger particles land on the skin and absorb impurities like bacteria and foreign substances that help the skin heal and detox accordingly. There are no known side effects to halotherapy and people of all ages can benefit from this therapy.


  • Wear comfy loose clothing, preferably light colored clothes since salt shows up well on darker colors.
  • Sessions will be 10-20 minutes each, all appointments can be made online.
  • No shoes permitted in the Salt Lounge, socks or bare feet please!
  • Hydrate your body before and after treatment with quality filtered water.
  • No electronics permitted in the Salt Lounge. Take this time to do a digital detox as well.
  • Parents must accompany their child in the Salt booth age 10 and under. Only one child and one adult are permitted in the booth at a given time.
  • No food or drinks allowed in the Salt Lounge
  • During the Salt session some coughing is normal along with a runny nose. Let the salt do its job to get the toxins and mucus out of the lungs.